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Karna de Villiers
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Born in Namibia and raised in South Africa, Karna de Villiers is currently living in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she is enjoying a full life with her husband, Jacques, and their five children – Franco, Karmi, Jaco, David and Inabelle.

Karna studied B.Ed. (School Art) at the University of Stellenbosch. After completing her degree, she worked in different sectors, until she eventually resigned when her second child was born. She became a business owner of a ceramic painting business, Papillon Blue. This business evolved into her own art school, currently operated from her home in Stellenbosch, where more than a 100 art students (aged 4 to adult), are enjoying weekly art classes.
Karna also enjoys creating her own art pieces, favouring oil paintings and charcoal sketches. She is also the prophetic artist at Powerhouse Ministries in Durbanville.

Karna believes that as God reveals Himself firstly as a creator, He can also reveal more of His character through engaging in a mindful creative process, where the focus is finding His heart, and finding one’s own place within it.

The past two years, Karna has been working on artworks for her solo exhibition starting 6 September 2019, as well as writing soundtrack songs to her paintings, which she is recording at Upperroom Studio. Her heart’s desire is that these paintings and songs will be used as ministering pieces, where the Holy Spirit will minister to the viewer/listener.