This song is about two memorable moments in my life. In the first verse, I sing about the day I realized, that when Abba called for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He knew they sinned, and yet He still went to meet them. I realized that Abba still wants me, despite anything I have ever done. He is coming to me, asking me to spend some time with Him. So why would I hide, and not go to Him?
The second verse is about a moment where I realized that after a period of seeking Abba’s face, He gave me more of Himself than I asked for. He overwhelmed me with His presence. I was so deeply aware of how much He wants to spend time with me, that I truly understood my value to Him for the first time. I am truly His rose, the very theme of His song.

“Time stops, time flies, as I gaze into Your eyes “

Oil on Canvas
400 x 500mm (Original SOLD – Prints available)

“I am walking through the Garden of Eden, no more hiding from the One I Love.”

Oil on Canvas
400 x 500mm

”I am truly Your rose, the very theme of Your song.”

Oil on Canvas
1000 x 1500mm

“Blossoming in the valley overshadowed by Your love”

Oil on Canvas
600 x 1200mm