I can breathe again


In the middle of the night of 23 May 2012, I sat on my bed, unable to sleep. My husband just told me he had made some serious wrong decisions, and that we will end up losing everything! I could not see a way out – how to raise five kids with no money, no income, nowhere to go. Fear gripped my heart to such an extent that I breathed out my last breath and I gave up on life. I could feel fear as a physical presence squeezing the life out of me and I could feel myself dying. Then I heard Holy Spirit’s voice, gently guiding me… “Just take one more breath – you can take one more breath”. I do not know how long I sat there, guided by Holy Spirit to breathe through the fear, living from one breathe to the next. Finally, I stood up, and went to write down my thoughts, from which this song was created 6 years later. May it encourage you to look to Him in any storm in your life, and not at the mighty waves around you.

“Hold my hand and walk with me.”

Oil on Canvas
700 x 700mm

“Captivate my thoughts, my eyes, let me see You alone.”

Oil on Canvas
1000 x 1500mm