Refine me


This song is about another two unforgettable moments in my life. In the first verse, I sing about a moment I had during worship, where I suddenly found myself in front of the cross. I could see Jesus Christ on the cross, looking at me. I saw his eyes filled with love as He stared at me. I have never felt so overwhelmed as in that moment, when I understood for the first time the love behind His gift of eternal life He gave me on the cross.
The second verse was written about the middle of our biggest storm in the winter season. Filled with raw emotions of anxiety, distrust, anger and a lot more, I started building an imaginary wall around me to protect myself, hardening my heart in the process. One evening during the worship at a gathering, I heard Abba asking me if I would trust Him enough to open up my arms completely in order to open up my injured heart. As I did, I saw in the spirit like a flood of light entering my innermost being, highlighting every dark corner, bringing healing, and replacing all my emotions with light and love. I knew immediately that this was not just for me, but that as I would share this testimony, Abba’s light of love would penetrate other hearts of stone, and that He will exchange it for hearts of flesh

“Refine me like silver, Lord, and let Your Light shine through all of me.”

Oil on Canvas
600 x 1200mm