Your love is…


I love sitting on the edge of my bed in the morning, watching the sun rising over the Stellenbosch Mountain. One morning I sat there, talking to Abba, thanking Him for loving me despite all the wrongs I do. The next moment one ray of sunlight found its way through the oak tree obstructing half of my window, and shone right past me onto the wall next to me. As I stretched out my hand, the ray of sunlight rested warmly in the palm of my hand. I was mesmerized at how this sensation described how I felt Abba’s love. Even though I can see it in my life, even though I can physically experience it, I cannot catch it or contain it. With this song I tried my best to describe what Abba’s love feels like, but just like the ray of sunlight, I think I will never be able to completely describe or contain the essence of it. I just know my God is the fullness of love.

“Your Love is like a ray of sunlight on a cold winter’s morn warming my heart.”

Oil on Canvas
600 x 1200mm

“Your Love is like the warmest sunrise bringing hope and light to the wounded”

Oil on Canvas
600 x 900mm