Your love makes me fly


During the very stormy season we experienced, the sheriff of the court showed up at our door almost every third day, bringing yet another ……….  It was extremely hard  to not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the huge storm in our life.  By now we knew that we will lose our house in an auction.  One morning, as I was taking a hot shower, I was suddenly filled with so much thankfulness that I had enough electricity that day to put on my geyser in order to take a warm shower.  As I was thanking Abba, focusing on the immediate blessing instead of the storm all around us, this song just sprang forth from my Spirit.

“All shackles gone, no chains on me, Your love has set me free.”

Oil on Canvas
700 x 950mm

“Your love has set me free, so I can be my truest me”

Charcoal on Fabriano Cotton Paper
625 x 725mm (Framed)

“Your Love, makes me fly, on Love’s wings, so high”

Oil on Canvas
500 x 1500mm

“Gently You come”

Charcoal on Paper
297 x 420mm (Unframed)

“All shackles gone, no chains on me, Your Love has set me free II”

Charcoal on 200gsm Paper
297 x 420mm (Unframed – ORIGINAL SOLD) Prints available